Jeep and Hiking Tours

Combine one of our Jeep Tours with a wonderful hike in the desert! Wadi Rum offers so many beautiful views and great hike possibilities. Enjoy one of our tours and make your experience in Wadi Rum that much better!


If you have the time, do not forget a jeep tour with the added bonus of a 3-3.5 hr. climb up to one of the Wadi Rum Protected Area’s most spectacular natural sites – Burdah Arch.  it offers some of the most stunning views of the protected area.  This climb requires individuals to be of a moderate fitness level.  Good footwear is highly recommended in addition to appropriate seasonal attire. Come prepared for a bit of a workout and a heap of fun!

  1. Meet and Greet in Rum Village.
  2. Travel through Wadi Rum to  Lawrence’s Spring.
  3. From here we will visit Khazali Canyon, an iconic feature in Wadi Rum.
  4. From here we will head East and take time to visit the large red dune of Wadi Umm Ishrin, although hard work to climb, it is great fun to run or sand board down.
  5. View the Nabataean inscriptions at Jebel Anafishiya.
  6. Desert tour to Lawrence’s House.
  7. Off to the amazing Abu khashabah Canyon – Craving a closer look, hiking the canyon is optional. Lunch in the canyon.
  8. Next we will have a chance to view two amazing naturally formed rock bridges, the first we will visit is Jebel Burdah and Burdah Bridge: Located South East of Rum Village, 2.5-3.00 hour climb of Burdah Arch. The second rock bridge is Um Frouth, this is a natural rock bridge is similar to Burdah Bridge but only takes ten minutes to climb and has a height of 20m.
  9. Our last site before we turn towards the camp is a popular rock formation known as the chicken rock because of its unusual shape, which visitors claim looks like a chicken.

In the morning you can see the sunrise from the camp, and breakfast will be ready soon after. When you are ready and packed we will take you back to the Village.

  • Inquire about the possibility of sharing a tour with other people to lower your costs!
People Cost Per Person
1 100 JD normal Bedouin tent
120 JD Full Stars tent with private bathroom
140 JD Private