Wadi Rum Jeep Tours + Bedouin Camp Overnight Stay

Wadi Rum is full of beautiful scenic areas. Make sure to join one of our Jeep Tours to maximise your time in Wadi Rum. Meet local bedouins in the desert, drink the traditional bedouin tea, try sand boarding in the hills, etc. Our well trained tour guides will take care of you every step of the way while showing you the best places!


  1. We will meet you at rum village.
  2. The tour will start with you and your guide leaving Wadi Rum village to visit the Lawrence Spring, where you will make a short stop to enjoy the incredible landscape before moving on to see the old map of wadi rum 200 pc old.
  3. After this you’ll go to the Small Arch, which you can climb to enjoy the view from the top.
  4. Following this you proceed to the RedSand Dunes, which are a large group of sand dunes that have piled up against the mountains. It’s fun to climb to the top and run down. You will have a short break in this area before moving to the next site, Khazali Canyon, where you can walk inside to see the inscriptions.
  5. Then we’ll take you to the camp, where you can put your things in your tent and sip on the famous Bedouin tea, afterwards you can walkaround the camp and climb the little mountain at our camp to see the most beautiful sunset in Wadi Rum.
  6. Then you will enjoy a delicious Bedouin dinner.
  7. After dinner you can go out of the tent and watch the beautiful stars at night in one of the best views of all Wadi Rum. See the great shooting stars as well.

The next day after breakfast we’ll drive you back to Rum Village, or you can ride a camel back to the village (25 JD per camel). Or one-hour half way 15JD.

If you arrive in Wadi Rum late in the afternoon, you can alternatively take your tour the next morning after breakfast.

  • Inquire about the possibility of sharing a tour with other people to lower your costs!